Collagen inductors

A treatment that stimulates and maintains a good collagen production to firm and smooth the skin.

Collagen: everyone’s talking about it, collagen-based cosmetics and dietary supplements are proliferating, and many anti-ageing treatments aim to stimulate this key molecule! And not without reason, since collagen is the molecule that gives our skin a firm, smooth consistency. In other words, lack of collagen is the cause of flabby, wrinkled and sagging skin.

Collagen production in the skin decreases already from the age of 20 and this decline is estimated at 1% per year. This amounts to a loss of 30% at the age of 50 and explains why the skin looks more fragile at this age. Collagen loss can be accelerated by sun exposure, pollution, smoking and also by menopause. Therefore, the first signs of skin weakness can appear at any age.

The aim of collagen inductors is to stimulate and maintain a good collagen production in order to retrieve and preserve a firm and smooth skin. The injected product is not collagen, but a collagen inductor : calcium hydroxyapatite, a natural component which has the capacity to stimulate the skin cells to produce collagen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prevention of sagging skin ?

The collagen production in the skin is slowly but surely decreasing. When the network of collagen fibers is significantly reduced, the skin becomes visibly weaker. Generally, these first signs appear between the age of 35 and 45 and this is the ideal age to start a preventive treatment with collagen inductors. By stimulating collagen production when the loss becomes critical, it is possible to prevent or slow down the process of sagging skin.

Treatment of sagging skin ?

When the skin already has a thin, flaccid and wrinkled appearance, it means that the collagen network is already considerably weakened. Treatment with collagen inductors are able to stimulate fibroblasts, or skin cells, to increase their collagen production so that a tighter collagen network is formed in the skin. This improves the visual aspect of the skin and avoids further deterioration. Sagging skin of the face, neck, cleavage, hands and body can be treated. Sometimes, the body is also treated in the context of cellulite, to reduce the aspect of “orange peel” of the skin.

Is it dangerous ?

Collagen inductors contain small particles of calcium hydroxyapatite, a component that is naturally present in the body, such as in teeth and bones. They are not harmful to health, but unwanted effects or complications related to injections of calcium hydroxyapatite are possible. The risks or possible complications are : an allergic reaction, an inflammatory reaction, an infection, a compression or occlusion of a blood vessel, a nodule or fibrous strand formation. Although complications are rare, the risk is not zero. The treatment is performed by a doctor who will ensure that all necessary precautions are observed to minimize the risk of complications.

Is the result natural ?

The results are completely natural because collagen inductors act on the firmness and quality of the skin : the face does not change, but the skin is less weak and the sagging is reduced.

How long does the result last ?

The result of the treatment is not immediately visible. It takes 3 to 6 months to achieve a visible result, this is the time needed for the fibroblasts to produce enough collagen to consolidate the collagen network in the skin. The stimulation lasts approximately 12 months in total, after which the calcium hydroxyapatite particles are gradually broken down by the body and disappear.

Is there an obligation to repeat the treatment ?

Not at all. If the treatment is not repeated, the aging process resumes with a natural loss of collagen from the moment that all particles are completely broken down. If the treatment is repeated, the collagen stimulation continues and sagging of the skin is delayed in the longer term. A maintenance treatment is recommended every 12 to 18 months.

During the treatment ?

The treatment consists of the homogeneous distribution of the particles of calcium hydroxyapatite over the treated area using a cannula. The treatment is slightly painful, but does not last long and is completely tolerable.

After the treatment ?

After a treatment, the treated area is slightly red or swollen and some irregularities can be present for several hours or days. If a bruise occurs, this can remain visible for several days or weeks. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment, but makeup is not recommended in the treated area the day of treatment. Sports and exposure to intense heat should be avoided for 1 week. Treatments in treated areas, dental care and any vaccinations should be postponed for at least 14 days after treatment.

What is the cost of treatment?

The price is determined per quantity of product and includes the treatment by a doctor, the necessary collagen inductors and the follow-up.

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